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The Secret Seduction Elixir - Skin and Hair Lotion with Pheromones - 7 fl oz / 200 ml


The Secret Was Created Especially For The Female Audience, It Is The Synthesis Of Functionality And Seduction That Combines Everything A Woman Needs (And Wishes!) In An Unique And Remarkable Product. On Top Of All Its Sensual Appeal, The Secret Yet Reveals 10 (Ten) Reasons For You To Always Have Yours: It Is Skin Moisturizer, Hair Uv-Protector, Split End Repairer, Anti-Frizz And Detangling, Protects The Coloring, Shiness, Softness, Body And Volume Of Your Hair; It Has Aphrodisiac Scent, Active Pheromones And A Delicate Satin Touch. Its Formulation Is Made With Active Pheromones That Will Sharpen Your Powerful Femininity Inspired By An Exotic Sensuality. It Has A Satin Touch That When Applied On The Body Evokes The Irresistible Attraction Of A Second Soft And Scented Skin.