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Bangin Bench EZ-Ride - Sex Stool + Handles


Ride and bounce with extra stability! This improvement of the legendary Bangin Bench features a convenient set of handlebars for comfort and steadiness while you go for a ride on your partners face or your favorite dildo. Built with durable steel for a confident ride, and flexible straps that support your body just enough so you can squat, hover, and grind without wearing yourself out!

Weight 3727.00
Length 36.50
Width 57.00
Height 21.00
Color black
Ean 848518042798
Hs code 73269098
ArticleCode AG671
Brand XR Brands (all),XR Brands - LoveBotz
Materials Metal, Elastic, PU Leather, Velcro
Washing instructions
Country of origin China
Composite product false