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Get Hard - Stimulating Spray - 0.2 fl oz / 6 ml

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Extra longer erection performance spray.
The exclusive ingredients in Get Hard make an erection last longer. The special formulated stimulant ingredients in Get Hard are released quickly into a cell-communicator of the penile tissue. The Get Hard liquid improves how effectively cells respond to stimulant neurotransmitters. Enhancement in signal transmission means creating a long-lasting communication between neurons and improved synaptic strength, thus getting the penis hard prompt.

The Get Hard spray ingredients in the formula are traditional used natural ingredients to treat male ailments, and which are beneficial as a stimulant. Get Hard which incites a stimulating effect and enables the body to adapt to various kinds of stimuli, it can even improve mental clarity.

Directions for use: spray Get Hard 1 to 3 times directly onto the penis. Allow the effect to unfold for 15 minutes. The Get Hard ingredients have now soaked into the skin of the penis skin tissue thoroughly where it can develop its local stimulant effect. The Get Hard performance sprays are available in 6 ml pen shaped dispensers. Automatic and convenient application. To Get Hard effortless.

Weight 20.00
Length 12.50
Width 2.00
Height 1.50
Color black,white
Ean 8714273956859
Hs code 33049900
ArticleCode PHA002
Brand Shots - Pharmquests
Washing instructions
Country of origin The Netherlands
Composite product false