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No.24 - Cockring Set - Grey


This cockring set will obviate premature ejaculation and will help you maintain a stronger and longer erection, allowing you to achieve versatile outcomes. Designed to help you perform better without any concern as it sticks to your body and will not slide up or down, allowing you to set the ring in multiple positions. Made of super-soft body-safe silicone that is easy to clean and will feel great against your skin as it will adjust to your body temperature very quickly. It's available in 2 different shapes and comes in the colours black and grey!
It comes with the following specifications:
Large Cockring:
Inner Diameter: 3,2cm / 1,25 Inch
Outer Diameter: 5,5cm / 2,2 Inch

Small Cockring
Inner Diameter: 2,8cm / 1,1 Inch
Outer Diameter: 4,8cm / 1,9 Inch